Helping the Homeless and People in Need

Our charity formerly known as The London and Slough Run, was established in 1984.   To mark and celebrate our 40th Anniversary in 2024, and to recognise the expansion of our offering as a charity,  we have changed our name to London and Slough Charitable Trust.  We believe this new name better reflects the work that we do….

Staffed solely by volunteers taking time out to provide support to those in need who often have nowhere or no-one else to turn to.

We originated in 1984, primarily as a soup run into London and in later years, Slough, which is where we are based.  The London soup run continues to this day with a team of volunteers travelling to Waterloo, Temple and Embankment every Monday night, distributing items such as food, drink, clothing, bedding and toiletries to the homeless and those in need.

In addition, we operate a food share program from Slough, whereby surplus food is collected daily from a number of local supermarkets and then re-packaged ready for immediate distribution to many local Charities/Churches & Schools, reaching those in need, every day.

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    The London & Slough Run

    Sort code: 23 05 80

    Account number: 44773473

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the London and Slough Charitable Trust

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    About the London and Slough Charitable Trust

    Each week the charity distributes items such as food, drink, clothing, bedding and toiletries to the homeless and people in need in London and Slough.