2016 Winter Night Shelter - The Biggest Thank You

The Winter Night Shelter for 2016 is over and now we prepare to fundraise for next year.  A look back at the success of this years shelter provides us with the following statistics:

  • It ran for 77 nights
  • 40 homeless people spent at least one night
  • We provided shelter and meals for 34 men and 6 women
  • Average occupancy was for 11 per night
  • The age profile was lower this year with many in their 20’s
  • 85% were british
  • 1,700 meals were served

None of this would have been possible without the generosity from all our supporters who have dug deep, donating to many fundraising initatives throughout the year.

It would have been totally impossible without the fabulous volunteer teams who ran the individual shelters, providing beds, food and companionship.  These teams include the food preparers, washer uppers, cleaners, drivers, overnight volunteers and of course security.

Let’s not forget local businesses who donated food and drinks, did the laundry and the many local schools who prepared food parcels and hot meals.

From all at The London and Slough Run – the biggest thank you goes out to the many people who have spared time, effort and money to make this years Winter Night Shelter such a success.  We look forward to making next year even better!