Due to holidays and illness, one of our main projects in Slough – the food share hub – is in desperate need of volunteers/drivers to collect, sort and deliver food (to other charities) which is donated by several supermarkets 7 days per week.

Here is how we operate:

The food collections take place in the evenings, and are delivered to our hub at Dukes House (Queensmere Shopping Centre) around 9:45pm, where a team of sorters unload the van, sort the food inside our premises and re-load the van with non-chilled goods ready for the following early morning deliveries. Food which needs refrigeration is stored in our range of chillers overnight. The sorting typically takes up to an hour.

The delivery driver arrives at Dukes House the following morning just before 7am to load the chilled food and set off on the delivery run. We use our Transit van for the collection and delivery, which only needs a standard UK driving licence.

In summary we urgently need more drivers to help with either the morning deliveries or evening collections, and helpers to unload and reload at Dukes House in the evenings.
If you can spare some time to help this very worthy project, please contact 07746 950181 or email at admin@sloughnightshelter.org as soon as possible.

Thank you!